Hi, this is Rocky!

A cute meow who is a mania of technology and wants to be cuter!

Rocky is here ready to help!

The unique programmer in the Meow Kingdom.

After moving to Meow Kingdom, I became a super energetic meow, with full of curiosity. For those meows who needs to solve their programming related problems, I'll be glad to help!
Not just programming problem, I'll also be trying to fix system problems!

Rocky is arranging his ribbon!

A meow who wants to be cute!

I love cute things really much! And I like to make myself cuter! Although I almost always being misrecognized as a girl, but that doesn't matters!
And that's what I want XD

Rocky loves eating meow chocolate cookies!

A meow who love eating!

As a meow, I loves eating delicious things! My favourite food is the meow chocolate cookies! Sometimes, I love it more than how the king Kyuzo does!
Note: I'm not super gluttony.

After all, while you're now in my website...
Why don't you take a look around?

Hideki is patting Rocky~